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Manish, SW18

Sometimes, you just order a takeaway from a place and instantly fall in love.....I fell in love with KV and still think about it today, simple yet satisfying! This is surely my favourite takeaway in London. Everything is so delicious and filling- worth every penny. KV does Indian food justice!


Very different from the usual Indian fare, dishes are solid and immaculately prepared, all stood out! I loved this takeaway; it has a combination of everything. An oasis of warmth, originality, classy, professional and adventurous takeaway! I hope this helps your visit........Enjoy!


To sum it up, great Indian food! I think between this most recent order and when I lost my KV VIRGINITY, it's all fantastic and mouthwatering. Simple, quick,wallet friendly, it really hits the spot. Without doubt the best in the area!!


The very BEST Indian food in a city FULL of Indian food! Much much more than just " a curry ". Delicious, voluminous portions & a good selection, friendly drivers too. I was surprised to find that the restaurant with the best reviews in the area was just around the corner, I've walked past almost everyday, a really nice find!


You may be concerned with this many four or five star reviews that you're setting yourself up for a letdown, you're not! The food is gorgeous, calm, contemporary and distinctly Indian/ Nepalese. It feels like a natural and subtle blend of modern while completely avoiding any vulgar fusion that may come to mind. While fairly busy they are attentive & quick! No one in the area.


The start of anyone's incredible Indian food adventures! Delicious Indian fare......this stood up well. The place must be hopping with orders as you can sense, my curry was amazing, even my companion was jealous.....I am sold. Bread was warm, every dish was tasty, wipe down each plate clean. This place can leave you walking away happy and guarantee that you will fall in love.


This place is Mecca of Indian food! The selection of products is impressive, all tasty and mouth-wateringly. I can't seem to ignore this place, hits a lot of right notes for me. Seriously if you want something decent, make a trip to this place, you won't regret! Delivery rocket quick!! FionaAMAZING! The best Indian in London. My partner and I always order from Kathmandu as the food is mouth watering. I cannot recommend this takeaway enough if you are looking for a real treat.


I feel lucky to love Indian food and even more lucky to have found this place. Fantastic food, spicy juicy curry and made me almost overeat myself. Very affordable as well, great value. Go check them out as they provide special, unique nepalese dishes and curries that satisfy those hunger pangs!! Cannot wait to reorder.


I ate it, it was delicious and completely worth the indulgence........the best I can remember eating. It's just irresistible! Hot and fresh, wonderful lip smacking. I heard about this place by word of mouth and the hype was totally deserved!! Delivery swift and smooth.


If I could give it 10 stars I would, don't even know where to begin...BOTTOMLINE DO NOT MISS THIS PLACE. Service is fast and kind. I wish I had come sooner. My mouth is watering just writing this review!